Make a Payment

Make A Payment

Authorization Forms

Direct Payment Plan


  • Payments will always be on time
  • Payments cannot get lost in the mail.

Saves Time

  • No need to write checks.
  • No more stuffing, stamping and mailing envelopes.

Saves Money

  • Save money on checks and stamps.
  • Eliminates late payment fees

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Direct Payments?
Direct Payments are electronic payments that are automatically deducted from your bank account on the day your payment is due.

How much does it cost?
There is no additional cost for paying your payment electronically.

What if I change bank accounts?
Simply notify us and we will send you a new authorization form to complete.

What if I try your Direct Payment program and don't like it?
You can cancel at any time by notifying us in writing at least (5) days before your payment due date.

How do I sign up for Direct Payment?
Simply complete the authorization form and return it to us with a voided check or savings deposit slip.